Maarten Regtien Improvisations Piano Solo



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The pianorecitals of Maarten Regtien are an unique experience.

Before the break he normally plays a number of own repetoire virtuoso pieces which even astonish the experts.

After the break one or more free improvisations are played: without preparation Mr.Regtien takes place behind the grand piano and lets the music flow.

Maarten Regtien: "Regarding the free improvisations: I still do not know how it works exactly. Of course…, I have a distinctive style, but it is no longer my brain or my fantasy which stipulates what to play. For me it is as if my heart has a direct connection with my hands and commands these without intermediate. Frequently - the last years more and more - I am only an auditor of the music of my heart, and am likewise surprised as the public!

In this regard Mr. Regtien treads in the steps of piano virtuoso Keith Jarrett who in the 1970s introduced this art of improvising in a free 'romantic' jazz idiom.

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Below a set of four fragments of free improvisations (cd 2007). If on selection an audio-player (e.g. MediaPlayer or Quicktime) does not start up automatic, right-click (PC.) or Appel-click (Mac) and 'Save target as mp3-file' on your computer and open the dowloaded file afterwards.

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