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2nd stringquartet

    Of the 2nd stringquartet part 4 was first written (in 1995). It also is the first piece written of the composerīs stringquartet-cycle of 10 stringquartets. After first writing all other stringquartets, the first 3 parts of the 2nd stringquartet were written in 2007, thus completing the cycle.

    Part 4 starts with and is based upon the theme of "Theme and Variations" for cello solo, also by the composer. After exposing the theme a rockband joines the stringquartet, intentionally dynamically totally overruling the 4 string instruments.

    Part 1 is a jazzy interpretation of the last part, part 2 a glissando-scherzo (featuring "Jingle Bells") and the 3rd part is a choral-like adagio.