Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 - Experimental Sample Creator
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Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000-Manual

The Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 ( M.Regtien) is an experimental (freeware) sample creator for Windows 10 and up.

I wrote it to create effortlessly a lot of base samples for further processing in my electronic compositions.
Manually to create just one 'new' sound can take hours. This program creates tons of them and all I have to do is pick the ones I like for further processing and discard the rest.

It's very simple: just add some soundfiles (accepted sound formats: mp3, wav, m4a, aiff) to the input folder and the Wav-o-Matic will randomly create an enormous range of modified samples on the output location. The length of the output samples is randomly choosen, as well as the applied effects. Per effect the amount of effect also is randomly choosen, from 'light' to extremely 'heavy' (the original sample not recognisable anymore).
At the bottom of this page I provided a list of applied effects. Version 2.0 of Wav-o-Wash will contain even more effects and some more surprising features.

The Base Sample Creation was my main purpose, but for fun I also added a Mixer. The Mixer mixes all previously created samples randomly in a output. Here I added some tweaking: the output lenght can be set manually or calculated based upon the input. Also multiple mixes are available per run. When 'Create Multiple Mix Outputs' is selected the Wash-o-Wave will generate 5 mixes of the selected length and 5 1-minute mixes.

The Mixer has some funny side effects:
  • Put Schumann piano and Mozart string quartets together and you'll end up with Charles Ives.
  • Dump the entire repetoire of any composer or band in the input and you can summarize it in a single short output (some people would argue this is sacrilege and not funny at all).
    • Take e.g. a look at my summarization of all Mahler's Symphonies!
  • The mixing takes some tweaking in the amount selected inputs, output length and amount of base samples per input samples.
    • e.g. 12 inputs with 100 base samples per input will generate 1200 base samples (some 3 to 4% more actually; you get them for free). If you have selected an output of 2 minutes, the result with 10 basesamples per second will be quite dense. So it's all matter of taste.

    • Want to experiment with the Wav-o-Matic? Download the msi-installer here: Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 Manual. It's freeware (personal use).
    • Please do, if you use the Wash-o-Wave for your personal usage, have the courtesy to mention "Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000", "Maarten Regtien", "www.regtien.info"
    • For Commercial usage: contact me.
    • The Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 was created with usage of the open source NAudio soundlibraries for .NET.