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This page has been created to make it possible for any (contemporary) music-performer to get a sound-image of the music of the dutch composer Maarten Regtien.

Of allmost all Maarten Regtienīs compositions, there is a mp3 audio-file created by means of MIDI. Ofcourse these īrecordingsī are also available at theGaudeamus library, but these mp3 files are also available via this webpage, thus facilitating performers in their choice of performing one of the composerīs works without first having to obtain the score!

Via this webpage a work can be chosen to the likings of the performer and than the score can be obtained via the music library of Music Center The Netherlands.

Mind: the mp3-soundfiles only give an synthetisized idea of the composerīs music and are in no comparison to thruly real-life performances.

Please use the menu on the left-side of the page to navigate to the audio-files. The menu-structure is based on genre.

Contact: maarten dot regtien2 ed gmail dot com