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Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra n° 2

    The orchestra in the "Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra n° 2" is extended with a seperate rhytm-section (saxophones, bass & drums). This section adds, at times independant of the orchestra, a highly jazz- and rocklike quality to the concerto. On top of that improvisation skills are requested not only from the soloist, but also from the members of the added rhytm-section and of the brassinstrumentalists.

  • Part 1 originally was conceived a straightforward sonata: two simple oposing īclassicalī themes are presented, and after a development the themes are repeated and lead to a coda. This incredible dullness however was quickly juiced up by Charlie Parkerīs "Blues for Alice" played by the rhytm section and a jazzy arrangement of the development,

  • Part 2 is based upon Laurie Andersonīs "Example #22." After the trumpet opening with the coupletmelody of that song, a sound field is build by two simultane canons (the first by woodwinds,the second by a seperate stringquintet-group). After the build has been completed drums and bass join in a nice rocky rhytm and the soloist can happily improvise un top of that musical landscape. As a conlusion the refrain of Laurie Andersonīs "Example #22" in a joyeus coda.

  • Part 3, the adagio, as homage opens with Beethovenīs adagio opening taken from his 9th symfony. As the adagio comes to an end, the orchestra immediately switches to part 4 (as downloads on this webpage part 3 & 4 are seperate pieces).

  • In Part 4 the seperate rhytm-section plays "Kill the poor" (1980) by the American west-coast punkband "The Dead Kennedys." Meanwhile the orchestra repeats various fragments from part 1, 2 & 3, and at times joins the rhytm section. This part is the exuberant coda of an exuberant concerto!