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6th stringquartet "Wenn man im Sommer in den Niederlanden hingeht" /
"A German Holiday in Holland"

    Through the eyes of german travelagencies the dutch city of Haarlem (the residence of the composer) is depicted in 6 parts.

    The (german) lyrics used in the 8th stringquartet are to be spoken/sung by the members of the stringquartet.

      1. Die Niederlande. A more or less general touristic description of the Netherlands (more less than more).
      This part uses the Mozart intro of the ´dissonance quartet´ as starting point.

      2. Boem-la. Mahlerian march underneath various dutch old fashioned singing tunes (among them the teasing footbalsupporter song "Nederland die heeft de bal")

      3. Alles begann mit Haarlem. A warm summer's evening in Haarlem.
      The two violins imitate the sound of the two characteristic Haarlem churchtowerbells "The Damiaatjes" ringing every night between 9 and half past 9 in the evening since 1561.

      4. Die Christian Müllerorgel (1738). In the style of a recitativo information is given regarding the famous Christian Müller organ in the old cathedral of Haarlem, as well as the relation of the prodigy W.A.Mozart to this organ.

      5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Never before published information about the great composer. This part is sponsored by "Hotel Amadeus" in the centre of Haarlem.

      6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wunschkonzert A first experiment in the by the composer invented ´musique-collage´ technique. The score of the first part of W.A.Mozart´s ´dissonance quartet´ is gradually cut in still smaller fragments which literally are rearranged. The result sounds surprisingly still very Mozartian. This technique is futher developed (or exploited, whatever the point of view is) in the 9th stringquartet: "Juana la Loca plays ´Beethoven & Friends´"