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Dingus1 Clarinet Quintet

7th stringquartet "die Pölnische Reise / the Polish journey"

    Another programmatic quartet, this time the depiction of a holiday in Poland

      1: Fahren auf der Autobahn : (cruising from the Netherlands to Poland)
      2: Świebodzin : (arrival in Poland; spending a few days on the countryside)
      3: Poznan : (nice relaxing town)
      4: Lodz : (hectic)
      5: Warsaw : (where we bought a nice illegal cd of the rapper Eminem)
      6: Krakow : (sunny & charming)
      7: Oświęcim : (the industrial nazi-horror)
      8: Frombork : (the struggle of the scientist Copernicus against the catholic church (guess who won))
      9: Gdansk : (the dutch influence is clear) & Recapulation & Coda