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4th stringquartet "de Belgische kust / the coast of Belgium"

    The "Coast of Belgium" is a continuation of the 1st stringquartet depicting the walk the composer made along the seacosts of the province of Zeeland (the Netherlands) starting in Rotterdam and ending near the Vlissingen-port.

    This time West-Kapelle in Zeeland (just above the Belgium north-border) was the starting-point and the walk ended in Calais (France, just underneath the Belgium south-border).

    • Part 1 is a short goodbye to Zeeland based on Zeeland´s unofficial hymn "Zomer in Zeeland"/"Summer in Zeeland."
    • Part 2 : a good humoured walk along the Belgium beaches, ending in paraphrasing Jacques Brel´s song "Les Flamands/the Flemish"
    • Part 3 really needs some explanation: the cities along the Belgium coast are incredibly UGLY!!! They´re mile-long walls of dirty-grey 12 stock-high concrete. So the composer´s sunshine lighted walks along the beach crudely interrupted by this Urban Horror is reflected by the music of part 3: calm and summerly feelings are broken by the crude sounds of sawing carton boxes!
    • Part 4: the cities behing the concrete beach-facade can be real nice though. At times a beautiul art deco or jugendstil gem can be found amomg a great variety of architecture.
    • Part 5: a marche funèbre in memory of victims of the many wars fought on Flemish soil.
    • Part 6: in the beginning of the 21st century Belgium is infected by the music, televisionshows & merchandise by the gnome "Kabouter Plop." This part is a transcription of the ´Kabouter Plop Tune.´ The ´Plop´ themeland also is located along the coast. Do NOT go there, but if you have to, please keep part 5 in mind.
    • Part 7: walking the last stretch up to Calais, with view upon the white cliffs over Dover.